After Tippy's ballet recital, Suzette wants the dress that she was "promised." Who better to get it than Poodle? (Note: Sequel to "Suzette the Dress Modeler")

Trivia you might care about

  • Tippy Tumbleina and Swan's house is a 2000 Barbie Dream House... I mean, mansion.
  • Swan's bed is a Littlest Pet Shop pet bed.
  • The black night sky was given off by two of Cherryberry1456's black shirts.
  • Tippy's blanket is a swatch from a Hello Kitty fabric.
  • Cherryberry1456 accidently used Tippy's L.L. Noire dress (without the pink belt/sash) instead of the dress Suzette really wanted... Oops. (They look so similar!!)